Tetra pack milk is very unhealthy for health – Packet Milk Exposed
Wanna know what you have been drinking in the name of Milk all your life?
Yes! it’s not some thing that started happening now! its happening since decades (confirm in Pakistan) and the poison that you have been taking this poison in the name of the fabulous meal named MILK.
The milk and dairy milk products providing companies in Pakistan (Nestle, Haleeb, Olpers, etc) acquire milk from various providers all over the country. These countries have a standardized procedure to check and measure the quality of the milk being acquired from these distributors. The process of scanning the milk is either too weak or else the company is involved in this stuff too that the poisonous and impure product is provided and packaged in these companies and sold being called PURE MILK.
So lets find out what’s inside the product that we are taking in for years considering it to be pure milk. The purpose of this composition is to get the same viscosity and concentration of the few ingredients in the product (so called milk) that the milk products companies (Nestle, Haleeb, Olpers, etc) in check for.
The composition includes:

1 kilogram milk
1 kilogram cooking oil
10 kilogram water
1 kilogram milk powder
Carboxymethyl cellulose (cmc) to increase viscosity of the product (so called milk)
Urea (to replace LR)
Liquid hydrogen to preserve milk over night
If it gets split, then caustic soda to make it reusable

I don’t think that anyone can consider a substance with such a composition to be milk or pure milk at least.
Another thing to note is that the cattle is given artificial hormones to increase their milk production by using various substances like oxytocin. Oxytocin causes special changes in young females (affecting girls more than boys) and results in the early maturity of those individuals who utilize this product causing a dis balance in their personalities.

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